Workers’ Compensation: Can I See Any Doctor I Want?

Not really, in the vast majority of cases. If an employee gets injured on the job in Virginia, the law mandates that their employer furnish them with the names and contact information for at least three doctors the employee can visit for treatment. The term “Employer Panel Physicians” refers to these medical professionals. All of these doctors should come from different hospitals. Choosing your own doctor is an option only if your company’s provided Panel of Physicians is unreliable or nonexistent.  

When pursuing compensation for injuries sustained on the job, it is crucial that you seek care from a qualified medical professional. Your doctor’s verdict on whether or not your injury is work-related, as well as your impairment rating and return-to-work date, will be final. A knowledgeable attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation law can analyze the Panel of Physicians and advise you on the best choice. Depending on your needs, your attorney might be familiar with some of the physicians on the list and recommend one to you. There’s also the option of asking additional attorneys for referrals based on the panel’s recommendations. Check this website to know more.

Thousands of workers in Virginia suffer devastating losses due to work-related accidents and illnesses every year. The doctor who treats your injuries after a work-related accident will have a significant influence over how you recover and the amount of workers’ compensation payments you receive.

Your Doctor or the Workers’ Compensation Insurer?

If you are hurt on the job in Virginia and eligible for workers’ comp benefits, you will have some input about the medical provider you see for treatment. If you get harmed on the job in Virginia, the law states that your employer and their workers’ compensation provider must supply you with a list of at least three doctors to pick from.

The term “Employer’s Panel of Physicians” can be used to refer to this group of doctors. In the event of an on-the-job injury, you have the option of consulting with any one of the three or more doctors on the panel. Each member of the Panel of Physicians should represent a separate medical organisation.

The doctor examines the bandaged leg of the wheelchair-bound patient.

If you suffer a work-related injury and your employer doesn’t provide you with at least three doctors to pick from, or if two or more of the doctors on your Panel of Physicians are affiliated with the same practise, your employer is breaking the law.

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