What If My Spouse Disagrees With Me About Alimony?

Legal disagreements can be complicated to deal with. Such is the case with divorce. Divorce can increase the chances of disputes between spouses related to child support, property division, or alimony. While one might think they can resolve the differences, contacting Milwaukee divorce lawyers will be most helpful. 

Alimony payments are finalized based on multiple factors. Each spouse’s income, the standard of living, age, health, etc., will be considered. The duration and amount of alimony payments can range in each case. However, there are specific actions one must take if their spouse denies paying alimony and child support. 

What can I do if my spouse disagrees with me about alimony? 

The first step you must take is to hire a lawyer in Milwaukee and ask for their legal support and guidance regarding your case. It would be mandatory to include legal authorities in cases where alimony has been denied and ask the court to decide. 

The court will require either of the spouses to pay alimony if specific scenarios seem proper. When the case is pursued in court, the judge will look at several relevant factors. Below are some of the common factors by law that the judge will consider in the case of denied alimony support: 

  • Financial needs and resources of each spouse 
  • Income, assets, previous rewards of child support, financial obligations of each spouse, taxability, and non-taxability of income, rights of each spouse to receive retirement benefits, etc.
  • Each spouse’s age 
  • The mental and physical conditions of both parties 
  • Length of the marriage 
  • The reason behind separation or divorce 
  • Standard of living established before the marriage 
  • Each spouse’s ability to support themself
  • Time required to seek a job or obtain training for employment purposes 
  • Spouse’s ability to make alimony payments and support themself while initiating the payments 

As a result, the court will consider the abovementioned factors closely. If these factors meet the requirements for alimony and dictate that a spouse can make alimony payments, the judge might order to resume the alimony payments again. The court’s involvement will resolve any disagreement between the spouses regarding maintenance. 

However, going to court will not be necessary if you can communicate with your ex-spouse and derive an agreeable conclusion for alimony. You should hire a lawyer even when conveying child support or alimony with your spouse, as the lawyer can help you protect your interests. If necessary, the attorney can assist in filing a motion for contempt and ask the court to take steps to enforce the order. 

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