How Can You Prevent Pest Infestations During Renovations?

Pest infestations can occur anytime in your home. However, pest infestation can become more likely when renovating your house. A pest infestation can become the worst problem during renovations. Controlling pest infestation during renovation is essential during renovations. You will find pests such as fleas, rodents, roaches, or ants when renovating your home. 

These pests can harm and pose a health hazard to your health and home. It will be necessary for you to understand some measures to prevent pest infestations during renovations. One effective solution you can employ is to contact Brooks Pest Control and ask them to help you with pest management during construction or renovations. 

Practical solutions for preventing pest infestations during renovations: 

  • Make use of pest baits 

Pest baits can allow you to get rid of infestations quickly. You can employ pest baits as the construction starts and continues by working with a professional pest control manager. It will be ideal for you to deploy pest traps around your house or the construction area to capture pests and eliminate them. 

  • Try to avoid pest-attractive plants 

Pests can easily get attracted to certain plants in your home. During the renovation, it will be necessary for you to get rid of any plants that will attract more pests. For example, you should avoid flowering plants and fruit trees not to attract pests during renovation. 

  • Look after grading and water drainage 

Drainage and grading are crucial in preventing pests from harboring in your home. If you pay attention to proper grading and water drainage during renovation, you will possibly eliminate all pests and prevent further pest infestation. Ask your constructor to install durable materials during grading and water drainage and seal all leaks. 

  • Consider using vapor lighting 

After your home is completely renovated, you should consider vapor lights. When compared to other lights, vapor lights effectively get rid of pests. Standard lights will likely attract several pests. Installing vapor lights will allow you to eliminate flying pests, rodents, or roaches. 

  • Replace old infested furniture 

If the stuff in your home was previously infested with pests, you should consider replacing them with new ones. Keeping infested furniture and other materials can create room for further pest infestation. It would help if you asked a pest control professional to inspect the home and help you get rid of infested furniture. 

  • Take pretreatment measures 

Pretreatment measures can allow you to future-proof your newly renovated home. For instance, you should use pest spray on all the new items installed during the renovation. Similarly, a pest control professional can help you pretreat the renovated home. It will help you in preventing future pest attacks. 

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