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Economic Benefits of Physical Activity

The potential economic benefits of physical activity are numerous and overwhelmingly positive. Studies show that reducing presenteeism (the lack of ability to function at optimum levels) and improving physical activity rates can boost productivity. Furthermore, studies have shown that a modest increase in physical activity can save the world economy billions of dollars in health care costs. For instance, a small increase in physical activity levels can prevent the development of ischemic heart disease, colon cancer, and diabetes type II.

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The world’s economy is already benefiting from the increased physical activity. In recent years, research has identified that reducing excess mortality and promoting physical activity are two of the primary reasons for lowered healthcare costs. However, many studies still fail to take into account the broader economic benefits of achieving higher physical activity levels. The current WHO physical activity guidelines suggest that these changes could boost global productivity by billions of dollars. In addition, they may have positive effects on the health of the population.

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Using the 1995 Physical Activity Monitor, researchers estimated that physical activity has a positive effect on the economy. By 2050, the benefits could double to US$524 billion and $760 billion. This figure would largely benefit the US, with a direct impact of around US$138 to 200 billion per year. Other countries, such as Germany and China, would also see an increase of US$15-22 billion. Further, research has shown that an active population can increase the life expectancy of people in Canada.

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