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Easy Way to Save Money on Tailoring Ready to Wear Clothes

If you are looking for an easy way to save money on tailoring your ready to wear clothes, you can try to repair or alter them yourself. Tailoring can be a very efficient way to make your clothes fit better and last longer. Traditionally, the ready-to-wear garment industry assumed that garments would be tailor-made at the time of conception. Today, you can get tailor-made clothes in just a few days and pay only a fraction of the cost.



You should avoid buying off-the-rack or ready-to-wear clothes unless you are willing to pay more for alterations. RTW and OTR are terms used interchangeably, and you should try them on in the store first before you decide on a style or color. You’ll never get a perfect fit if you choose to alter a piece of clothing. Even if it’s well-made, it won’t fit perfectly after being altered, so it’s always best to try it on first before you buy it.



Ready-made clothing was designed to be affordable for people who couldn’t afford custom-made clothing. These clothes were often produced in standardized sizes to ensure a perfect fit. In 1867, Auguste Luchet wrote that the sculptural tailors had died out, and people were no longer looking for a size eighty. Though ready-made clothes had existed for the lower classes as early as the seventeenth century, the nineteenth century brought the introduction of high-quality, fitted tailored garments historyglow

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