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The competition for the Best Horror Movie is intense these days. From original takes to sequels, directors are switching it up every year, and nowadays, there are so many genre efforts in one place that it’s almost as if the competition has been set free. The result? A heaping helping of new and innovative horror films that just keep getting better and better! Catch everything from straight-ahead classic to contemporary flasher with this list of the best horror sequels ever.

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It’s easy to get fed up with all the new and interesting offerings coming our way these days. But when it comes to returning classics, there are not many equivalents. That’s not to say that there aren’t — just that the offerings aren’t as wide-ranging, enticing, and fun as they could be. Let’s take a look back at the best horror movies of all time to see where we can set this list apart from the rest. From the classic to the contemporary, from the silly to the macabre, here are 8 of the best Horror Movies of All Time. The Exorcist Directed by: Tom exploit The Exorcist is one of the most iconic novels of horror and a constant in the minds of film-goers. It’s also very fun to watch. The film follows the life of Dr. List, a Forensic Neurobiologist who specializes in the study of the Bible’s sacrifices. The word “exorcist” is a bit of a misnomer in this case. According to the novel, the name comes from the fact that the priest who assigned the exorcism was actually a poor man. The poor man was actually some of the most talented people in history, and he dedicated his life to helping others. The Exorcist follows this story as Dr. List searches for the man who actually brought about the destruction of his family. The film is also notable for its exploration of free will, the human condition, and the similarities between human and animal behaviors.

The Ring

Directed by: Cronenberg The Ring is a classic film about two boys, played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Nighy, who grow up in a world where the supernatural is real. The Ring is a fantastical novel that follows two boys — one normal, one a Shadow — who are sent to live in an abandoned mining town in the American West. The mining town of2880 is both icky and intriguing. There’s no telling what kind of abominations the miners will commit, so the only recourse is to engage in some deeds that will definitely go down in history. And that’s exactly what these boys do.

Dead By Daylight

Directed by: The SixthSense The Sixth Sense is one of the most enduring stories in cinema. If there’s anything we’re all lucky enough to see at least occasionally, it’s a horror film. Every year, the competition is stiffer than ever, but still nowhere is the best ever selected. Dead By Daylight is one of those classics that’s almost guaranteed to be remembered as one of the best. Netflix’s original series has evolved into one of the best Reality TV series of all time, and it’s certainly been doing that for the past few seasons. The series follows a group of teens as they go on a trip to a remote place in the US called Clear. The place is pitch-black, so the only light they see is from the flashlight of a local boy. The star of the show is the local boy, and the show’s only saving grace is the fact that his name is Jack.

The Sixth Sense

The sixth sense is a little more equated in horror than it deserves. The shock value of having a sixth sense about things like weather or what’s coming up next is always a bit much, and The Sixth Sense is no exception. However, the film explored a theme that’s relevant today: the importance of having confidence in one’s abilities. The abstract and emotional themes of the film show why it’s still a classic. Not only is it among the all-time great horror films, but it also represents an important time in human history. The sixth sense is now a respected medical term, meaning that it can be applied to any event that anyone can observe.

Invitation to Horror

Directed by: A Nightmare on Elm Street The Invitation to Horror is a classic whose filmography is far from complete. From the original 1968 film to its follow-up,ixt of its follow-ups, it’s been offering up some of the best scary fun. There are many great Invitations to Horror, but we’re talking about the best. The film follows a group of kids as they go on a trip to a remote island. They get lost and confused, and there’s no telling what kind of dangers they might face. The Invitation to Horror is one of the most cinematic and creative horror films of all time. It features the likes of Michaelee Drexler, Paul LaPlante, Adrienne Barbeau, John Chlessen, and many, many more.

Memento Mori

Directed by: Akira Kurosawa The Memento is one of the most iconic films in the history of cinema. It’s also one of the most iconic films ever made. The film follows a group of young people, all of them possessed by a powerful spirit, as they travel through time and space to save mankind from an upcoming pandemic. The Memento is perhaps more than any other film to offer a look at the transformation of human nature as people discover that they have a tendency to forget. It’s perhaps more importantly, though, it offers a look at human progress as people come to realize that they have power over their thoughts and actions. The Memento also marks the beginning of a trend that would become a standard in the coming decades: the study of the dark arts, particularly dark humor and irony. The film is a treat to watch again and again, and again, and again.

Blair Witch Hunt

Directed by: Darren Aronofsky The Blair Witch is one of the most enduringly popular contemporary black comedy films. It follows two strangers who become lost in the woods of New England and experience a series of bizarre encounters along the way. The Blair Witch is also one of the most creative and original films of all time. It features a great variety of actors, including those you might not expect, like Tim Allen and Minka Kelly. The film has become an American cultural classic thanks to its great reception and its association with thedistributed by E.A.L.

Windows of Horror

Directed by: Robert Eggers The windows of horror are some of the most iconic and recognizable themed pictures in cinema. From Dracula to TheŒCopyright, there’s never been a dull moment in the dark. The windows of horror are full of fun, silly mysteries, fantastical encounters, and exotically themedAfterMovies. The windows of horror are packed with action, thrills, and spills, and are usually associated with scary movies. One of the most popular movies from this group is My Bloody Valentine, but there are other great windows of horror classics too, like The Exorcist, Memento Mori, and Blair Witch.

All New Tales from the Crypt

Directed by: Robert Boomser The All New Tales from the Crypt is a collection of some of the best stories from the past ten years, collected and shown with a digital camera-based special effect that looks like a real library of stories. The All New Tales from the Crypt features some of the most creative and unusual visuals, especially during the end credits, where the audience is treated to a bizarre and wonderful display of illusory reality. It’s also one of the most fun and exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have at the cinema.

Best Horror Villain Ever: Shawn the Axe Man!

The Best Horror Villain Ever: Shawn the Ax Man is a tale about two young boys, their relationship, and the things that stand in the way of success. It’s one of the most iconic and popular contemporary film titles, and it’s still getting

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