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Theatrical rights, sequels and a possible third film! What’s not to love? Well clearly not the fact that filmmakers are again looking at making another “unbelievable” movie, or possibly even three of them in all. There were two movies we were anticipating to release on popcornflix and now it’s two. Is this a good thing? Well probably yes and no. It means studios are once again using the medium as their bet for more merchandised hits than ever before. Theatrical sequels have been around for almost as long as cinema itself has and with so many new concepts, projects may have only gotten more experimental. We already knew that Frank Grillo would return for the third film, but what about other returning characters? When will we see Morena Baccarin back for the fourth one? How about others returning such as Melissa George or Kristi D inputs or Olivia Wilde as an extra in the fifth one? Or maybe they just want us to imagine which filmmakers are capable of creating new classics? Whatever be the case, popcornflix is here to continue providing us with new entertainment experiences — even if it is just with a little change of scenery.

What’s new?

As we have just seen, films based on various popular series have been making a re-ascendence in the last few years. series creators and stars are re-upping their contracts with new studios so they can continue to produce new installments, and the internet has been filled with theories as to what the new films might be about. While it’s too early to guess, it’s also not too early to wish the studio heads a happy new year.

Theatrical sequels

We’ve already seen filming for the fourth and fifth films of the “unbelievable” franchise taking place in a shed in Northern Ireland. Now it’s coming to the big screen in the U.S. After finishing filming the first movie in New York City, co-creators/screenwriters Drew Goddard and Matt Hungruden are looking forward to using the remote-controlled equipment they used on their sets on the big screen.

With the release of more material from various directors and writers, more projects are in the works.

A few of the most popular speculates are “Bam project” for American filmmaker Martin McDonagh, “The Wolf of Wall Street” from New York Times best-selling author Michael Sloane, the Die Hard franchises, and “Brightest Most obnoxious,” which is being helmed by “The Hangover” director, lambasted Paul Feig.

However, we still breathe a sigh of relief that this time there is no “The official first film of the year” being released on popcornflix — which is good. Let’s hope they also don’t make another “comeback movie!”

A possible third film?

It would be remiss if we didn’t mention the possibility of a third “The official first film of the year” in the first paragraph. It’s not clear whether or not Paramount will be back as the studio that brings us the third film, but it’s an option that’s definitely on the table. After all, most people think of “The Hangover” as the “first film” of the “Unbelievable” series, and it’s become somewhat of an acquired taste for fans to see the third movie as the first installment.

More merchandised hits?

For those of us who love a good(er) movie, and especially a good popcorn movie, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy ourselves with merchandise. From toys and products made by the studio, to premium clothing and shoes, there are many avenues to explore. It’s easy to forget now, but back in the day, movie promotion was big business. You could label a photo shoot, or get your picture taken with the stars, or have your name on a billboard in front of them. Nowadays, the media loves to ignore the vast majority of the audience and focus their wrath on the adidas teams and adidas-branded shoes.

Release dates for movies – May or June?

It’s almost like there’s a catch. We know that the first three “Unbelievable” films were released in 2011 and 2012, but what about the others? Are they still available for streaming? Are they still available for purchase? Do they still exist in some form or another?

Ludicrous. The first three “Unbelievable” films were released in 2011 and 2012. All of them were available to stream and purchase immediately after the film was completed, and the other two films were released in 2018 and 2019. What happened to the first two? We have no idea.

Questionable. Fortunately, “The official first film of the year” is scheduled to be released on May 23, 2019, and will be available to stream and purchase the same day. “The Wolf of Wall Street” was released in theaters on November 8, 2017, and “The Amazing Spider-Man” was released on Broadway on March 29, 2018. We can only assume those films are still available to stream and purchase.

Final words

As has been usual during this season of hype, the first “August Prima” will be released in full on DVD and Blu-ray on September 9, 2019. All six “Unbelievable” films were released on HOME Video in the U.S in 2006 and 2007, and the video on demand service sees five of them on an upgradeable platform. We can’t wait to see what extras and content is included on the upgraded release, but for now, here are some quick highlights from the first “August Prima”:

Release date – September 9, 2019

Region – U.S. & UK (DVD and Blu-ray)

Expiration date – August 31, 2020

Product type – Home Video

Product name – August Prima

Warranty – None

Visit the official “August Prima” website for details. For more information, visit:

Final Words

Just as in the past, it is not too early to anticipate what the next “Unbelievable” film will be about. We only have so long to see if fans are able to stomach the wait, or if they can handle the new and different experience at all. Whatever the outcome, this is a great sign for the medium and for the future of cinema. If nothing else, we will be able to look back and view “The last 100 days” as a great entry into the history of the medium.

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